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When it comes to winning the war on talent, a solid PR and communication strategy is key to making sure your business stands out. Your mission, vision, values and culture should shine through your digital and physical presence so you can win as your business is recruiting and retaining talent. Here are 5 tips to help you paint a compelling picture of your companies values that will resonate with talent:

1. Showcase your Mission, Vision and Values

This is a moment in time where we see organizations talk about their values from an external perspective and embrace them. Get future and current talent excited about the vision of your company and the direction in which you’re heading in together.

2. Walk the Walk (Bring Your Vision to Life)

As the world changes, there is no better time to re-evaluate your company’s values and add/take away where necessary. For example, Kite Hill recently added the value of “Balance” to emphasize work-life balance and the importance of mental wellbeing for their future and current talent. Leverage your organizations values to stay competitive within the market and attract more talent into your business.

3. Ensure Internal/External Alignment

The alignment of external and internal displays of your business’ mission statement is critical. Ensure that your company’s values are presented on job descriptions, recruiting documents, employee handbooks, etc. to clearly define what your company is about to all internal and external parties.

4. Join the Conversation Around the Future of Work

There are a variety of styles of work nowadays, and new talent in particular are looking to align themselves with a company who fits their ideals. What is your organizations policy for business travel? What about remote work? These are the new conversations being had, and that your company should declare a stance on to retain current talent and attract new talent.

5. Amplify It

If your company is in the news for a progressive idea or a thoughtful point of view, amplify it! Share this earned news on social media and invite your employees to become a part of the chorus of champions celebrating this coverage. Consider aiding your staff with a social media toolkit or an incentive for giving recognition and helping the business build credibility.