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Adam Gelles

Currently, he leads the B2B Marketing Company, a premier B2B marketing firm for technology and media companies. The B2B Marketing...

The Lead Nurturing Coach

I Help B2B & D2C Organizations Convert Leads with Strategic Lead Nurturing Playbooks, CRM Optimization, and Harnessing the Power of...

Steve Markman, Contributor

President & Founder of Markman Speaker Management, LLC, a speaking attainment agency serving all industries and professions.

The Whole Swarm

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Mike Ciccolella

Founder, Grow Your Sales Pipeline℠

Olexandr Prokhorenko

Marketing & Sales Leader building $0 to $3MM in ARR

Jochen Mebus

Jochen is Chief Revenue Officer of Textbroker, one of the leading global content platforms for content writing, translations and other...

Trey Shipp

Strategic Marketing Leader Delivering Growth and Innovation

Fernando Maroniene

B2B high-tech industry senior strategist, product and marketing executive passionate about innovation and exploring transformative business models in a digital...

Adrian Gershom

B2B marketing leader focused on elevating the social and environmental performance of brands.