3 Ways to Employ Social to Drive Your Go To Market

Social marketing is a key tool in the B2B marketer’s toolbox to implement your go to market strategy. But it’s a tactic and not a strategy. Here are 3 ways to use social media to drive your marketing and business objectives. Employee AdvocacyOne tactic is to partner with your employees to drive social engagement and brand messaging. The key for successful employee advocacy programs at scale is to have multiple messaging frameworks for each of your company’s key constituencies that are aligned to your overall company messaging and positioning. Planning and documenting this is important to ensure you have your… Read More

3 Best Practices for Social Selling

What is the modern buyer looking for? In my experience, many expect personalized, authentic relationships and engagement with the brands they are looking to support. As a seller, it is your job to become the human side of your brand. Thus, attracting these modern buyers by building trust and increasing the impact of corporate content. So how can you accomplish this? Social selling. Here are three practices to help you become a successful social seller to elevate your brand beyond your expectations. Take time to build the foundation You can’t market yourself as an expert until you’ve built a successful… Read More

8 Social Media Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2022 & Beyond [Infographic]

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Are you mulling over your social media strategy for the year ahead? Want to learn about the key trends likely to affect how potential customers use social media? We share 8 social media trends to watch out for in this infographic. Here’s a quick summary: Social media emerges as a shopping platform Proliferation of short-form video content Social media becomes part of daily life Facebook remains on top (for now) Shorter attention spans result in more bite-sized content More augmented reality o… Read more from the source: Red Website Design Blog, Published by: Mark Walker-ford Read More

3 Tips to Amplify Your Social Media Strategy

Success in social media marketing doesn’t have to be difficult – but it will take some heavy-lifting. Gone are the days of loaded content calendars consisting of multiple posts per day and endless scrolling on Twitter or Facebook. In fact, over the last decade, we have seen social media emerge into a strategic division of many marketing departments with added value that cannot be denied. Whether you’re just getting your social media efforts ramped up or are looking for ways to improve, here are 3 social media best practices to improve your strategy. Tip #1: Establish your brand’s identity Consistency… Read More

5 Ways to Build Excellent B2B Advertising

An effective B2B advertising strategy differs greatly from any other types of advertising management. While executing a good B2B advertising strategy can be challenging, there are certain indicators that will show you, yours is on strategy. You’ve Planned It Out Planning a well-defined and accurate strategy is the first step towards successful B2B advertising. Typically, this involves audience mapping, media planning, message and creative planning by audience segment, and of course budgeting. A solid plan will have included a pro-forma ROAS analysis so there is an expected return on investment for the program. You must also decide the end-game of… Read More

Social Media in the Era of Precision Demand Marketing: A Conversation with LinkedIn

Reaching and engaging our buyers is more difficult than ever. In the era of Precision Demand Marketing we need to change the way we think about B2B marketing. Meeting buyers in the channels where they do research, with valuable information to help them make important buying decisions, is critical to driving results from your marketing efforts. According to Demand Gen Report, 57% of B2B buyers rely on social media as they navigate new solutions and vendors, making social a critical channel in … Read more from the source Integrate: Social Media in the Era of Precision Demand Marketing: A Conversation… Read More

A New Look for LinkedIn (from the Inside Out)

Since our last major redesign nearly five years ago, LinkedIn has evolved from a place to create your professional profile online and search for others, to an active community of more than 700M professionals worldwide. Today we’re seeing members sharing in record numbers, sending hundreds of millions of messages every week, reskilling themselves by consuming more than one million hours of LinkedIn Learning content weekly, and last year alone nearly five billion connections were made across the platform. And every day on LinkedIn, despite the tough economy, 3 people are hired every second through the community. Read more from the… Read More