3 Keys to Measure Public Relations

Public Relations is an important element of a B2B brand’s toolkit with which to go to market. But measuring success in PR is elusive. Most PR folks measure the quantity of deliverables (e.g., placements). But the real science is measuring PR’s contribution to the overall marketing mix and, ultimately, the business. This is particularly important in larger organizations where PR and Marketing are usually run by separate leaders. Here are a few keys to measure your PR success in the context of overall marketing / comms contribution to your business. PR is Part of MarketingFrom a business driving set of… Read More

3 Keys for Effective PR Storytelling

Having great PR is paramount for a B2B brand to accelerate revenue. Throughout the years working with many PR firms and practitioners, I’ve discovered a consistent pattern. They are great storytellers. And when you dig deeper on what makes them great storytellers is that they push themselves / clients to improve their efforts in three key ways: Key #1 – Have a PerspectiveB2B brands need a point of view. B2B companies and their public facing leadership, need to be able to articulate this POV across a myriad of topics that impact customers, shareholders, partners, and employees. A point of view… Read More

3 Keys to Select an Exceptional PR Firm

Public relations is a key tool for B2B brands to go to market. And selecting the right PR firm is critical to your company’s success. Over the past decade, I’ve been involved in about 100 PR agency selection processes. Here are 3 areas I recommend to review when evaluating a public relations agency partner. Industry ExpertiseIt goes without saying, but industry knowledge is a must-have for a successful PR effort. As PR firms spread their wings and add social, content marketing, and other adjacent services this requirement is ever more important. My key, make sure there is a managing partner… Read More

3 Lessons to Align PR and Content Marketing

Thought leadership is a key marketing strategy to help companies grow. But in many organizations, content marketing is handled by either corporate communications (potentially via a PR agency) or by the marketing team. But keeping both teams on the same page for thought leadership efforts is critical to success. Here are some lessons I’ve seen over the decades to ensure that PR and Content Marketing Teams and their shared efforts (e.g., thought leadership) are executed with excellence. Lesson 1: Plan Together There are really two key sides of content marketing planning. The editorial plan (e.g., storytelling frameworks, calendars, etc.) and… Read More

Using PR To Help Companies Win the Talent Wars

In Partnership With When it comes to winning the war on talent, a solid PR and communication strategy is key to making sure your business stands out. Your mission, vision, values and culture should shine through your digital and physical presence so you can win as your business is recruiting and retaining talent. Here are 5 tips to help you paint a compelling picture of your companies values that will resonate with talent: 1. Showcase your Mission, Vision and Values This is a moment in time where we see organizations talk about their values from an external perspective and embrace… Read More

Interview with Steve Markman, Markman Speaker Management LLC

Q-Given today’s challenging economy, marketing and PR efforts should be front and center for your company. But how do you rise above the noise? A-One way to do boost visibility is through public speaking. By speaking at public forums – at conferences, seminars and forums held by independent event organizations, associations, professional and industry trade groups, and academic institutions – enormous exposure and thought leadership is created. Q- Why do speaking opportunities for companies re… Read more from the source: everything-pr.com, Published by: Jamesd Read More

5 Steps To Attaining Speaking Engagements to Boost Visibility For Your Consulting Business

man standing and making a speech
Given today’s challenging economy one proven way to do boost visibility is through public speaking. By speaking at various outlets – at conferences, seminars and virtual events – you can create exposure for your expertise and demonstrate thought leadership. Speaking opportunities represent a strong marketing, public relations, business development, and thought leadership tool for the following reasons: 1-Attendees get to learn about your expertise firsthand. 2-Speaking can increase your visib… Read more from the source: The Society for the Advancement of Consulting®, Published by: Steve Markman Read More

How to Choose the Right Keynote Speaker: Myths and Truths

Today’s speaker marketplace comprises literally thousands of speakers who are potentially available as a keynote or featured speaker for your association’s events. How do you know if you are making the right choice before you commit to a speaker and perhaps paying a very large speaker fee? Here are some myths and truths when it comes to selecting your keynote or featured speaker. Myth No. 1: The higher the speaker fee, the better the speaker. Speaker fees are based on two things: 1., The demand for a given speaker and 2., the perceived demand that the speaker feels exists and… Read More