3 Rules to Build a Lasting Marketing Tech Stack 

With tens of thousands of tools on the market, it’s easy to mistakenly implement a tool that creates more headaches than solves – technologically, operationally and financially. Here are 3 rules of thumb that I share with clients to intelligently build a martech stack that drives business and marketing results. Rule #1: Strategy Before TechnologyBefore even building your technology stack, your strategies and goals need to be aligned, documented and mapped. It’s easy to rely on the technology to drive processes, but that won’t work in the long term. Tools in of themselves cannot make any team, company or person… Read More

Emerging Trends in Marketing Technology

As marketing leaders, technology is a large part of what our teams manage and use day to day to execute our go to market. Over the course of the past couple of years there are certain trends that have been accelerated by en masse remote work. Here are 2 that will certainly impact the way we go to market in the upcoming year. The Bane of App Sprawl According to Productiv’s recent study on “the State of App Sprawl” marketing and product marketing app use is over 100 apps per firm. This means marketing teams are switching between multiple stacks,… Read More