3 Considerations to Select Marketing Tech

Choosing the right marketing technology is one of the key elements in running successful marketing programs at scale. The right marketing technology gives each company an edge and allows them to properly target and distribute their content to prospects, consumers, investors and other stakeholders. At scale, a well-selected marketing tech stack can fuel your revenue exponentially and drive a well-orchestrated customer experience. With all those benefits, it can be tricky to find the marketing tech that will function perfectly for your organization. Every company structure and use cases are different, and as such the marketing software will have to be… Read More

How AI Helps B2B Marketing and 8 Strategies to Use Almost Instantly

How much do your Marketing Tech Stack use AI to improve the way you go to market? #theb2bbuzz#b2bmarketing Artificial intelligence is everywhere you look online – from Amazon and Etsy to Netflix and Facebook. Your B2Bs know the technology exists to create hyper-personalized experiences because they use it every time they open an app. They expect a similar experience from your B2B website. 69% of customers expect connected experiences across multiple channels. Remember, your B2B buyers are consumers for the 16 hours they’re not at work every day. AI isn’t optional anymore – and your competition … Read more from… Read More

3 Keys to Grow Revenue

Marketing and selling to the “buy-side” is complex. There is a duality in the way we sell ourselves to brands and their agencies. On one hand, we need to market at scale across the 10s of thousands of business decision makers. On the other, it is still very much about individual relationships. So, how do we create scalable and personable marketing and sales efforts in the complicated landscape? Over the course of the last 20+ years working at and with brands and their agencies, I have learned 3 Tips that help media, marketing and ad tech companies be more successful in connecting with brands and their agencies, as follows: Revenue… Read More