3 Keys to Demonstrate the Business Value of Content Marketing

Content marketing has been a staple in B2B marketing. Yet, many marketers still struggle with articulating the value that a solid content marketing program delivers to the revenue. That’s why so many B2B marketers are still gating content. Many marketers default to using “number of downloads” to express that value. But that isn’t the value of a strong content marketing program.  A strong content marketing program should deliver 3 key revenue-related metrics: Better Pipeline Throughput; Improved NPS; and Higher CLV. Let’s explore how each of these metrics if used properly can demonstrate the business value of content marketing. Metric #1:… Read More

3 Measures to Understand the ROI of Communities in B2B

Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of community marketing is an important step in developing the business case for investing in building a community. As B2B marketers we manage a slew of communities – or at least you should – including key account boards; product feedback groups; prospect insight groups to name a few. But measuring the ROI of communities per se is a bit more complicated. But here are three measures I use to understand the ROI of Community. Measure #1: Community Engagement While developing the B2B Buzz, I did a slew of research around understanding community engagement metrics.… Read More

3 Keys When Selecting Reporting Tech

Marketing reporting is a key component of any successful B2B marketing strategy. It helps marketers to understand the impact of their activities on business performance. When selecting an analytics stack for B2B reporting, it’s important to consider all of your needs in order to understand customer behavior, identify gaps in the market and make informed decisions about how to best reach their target audiences. But with so many analytics tools and technologies available, it can be difficult to choose the right stack for your business’ unique needs. Let’s explore 3 key considerations you should take into account when selecting a… Read More

3 Keys to Measure Public Relations

Public Relations is an important element of a B2B brand’s toolkit with which to go to market. But measuring success in PR is elusive. Most PR folks measure the quantity of deliverables (e.g., placements). But the real science is measuring PR’s contribution to the overall marketing mix and, ultimately, the business. This is particularly important in larger organizations where PR and Marketing are usually run by separate leaders. Here are a few keys to measure your PR success in the context of overall marketing / comms contribution to your business. PR is Part of MarketingFrom a business driving set of… Read More

3 Metrics to Align your PR and Marketing Measurement

Underneath the hood, there are several key metrics that marketers should use to measure success that is usually derived from public relations and communications reporting. And if your comms / PR team isn’t using these metrics – they must. Metric #1: Sentiment Coverage sentiment scores are a good way to understand the impact public relations and communications programs are having on your brand health. Sentiment, as measured by the positivity or negativity of coverage of your brand, can help provide a marketplace baseline for other brand favorability metrics. Sentiment will fluctuate regularly. This variability will enable your marketing analytics teams… Read More

The 3 M’s of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a key element in most B2B marketing efforts. Over the years (err, decades) I’ve learned some key best practices for content marketing to help deliver content marketing excellence. Here are 3 which all somehow start with the letter “M”. Modularity Building content marketing at scale successfully requires a modular approach to how you think about content. That is, each piece of thought leadership (read: white paper, research paper, etc.) needs to be presented in multiple ways to multiple audiences. This is where modular thinking is so important. From a content point of view your content needs to… Read More

ROI vs. ROMI: What’s the Diff?

Businesses that are not tracking marketing revenue are playing a dangerous game, but looking at only one metric could also cause a company to miss critical feedback. Read through B2B blogs and newsletters, and you may see ROI and ROMI used interchangeably. Both are metrics designed to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, and often people refer to ROI when they’re really talking about ROMI. Let’s take a closer look at ROI, ROMI, and how to use both to measure your marketing campaigns.  What ROI can (and can’t) do for you  The beauty of using ROI–return on investment–calculations is… Read More

The Power of Data Visualization Plus Examples of Good and Bad Visuals

turned on monitoring screen
It’s no secret that data can be very powerful — when you can actually understand what it’s telling you, that is. It’s not easy to get clear takeaways by looking at a slew of numbers and stats. You need to have the data presented in a logical, easy-to-understand way so you can apply your learnings in an effective way. The human brain processes visual information better than it processes text — so using charts, graphs, and design elements, data visualization can help you explain trends and stats much more easily. But, not all data visualization is created equal. (Just check… Read More