3 Keys to Strengthen Brand Equity

Your brand is an asset to your company and over time will deliver increased financial value. The more people place trust in the promise of your brand and what it stands for, the more your brand builds equity. Higher equity yields increase pricing elasticity, improved customer retention and increased sales. Here are 3 Keys to Strengthen Your Brand Equity: Key #1: Brand Consistency Who are you and what do you stand for as a company? Why should people choose you? What makes your company different? Establishing a solid brand identity through consistent messaging, artwork, brand voice, and so forth is… Read More

3 Ways to Ensure Your Event Strategy Aligns with Your GTM

As B2B marketers events has always been an imperative in our marketing efforts. But ensuring our event plans are aligned to our go to market is always a bit of a challenge. And some industry events are boondoggles and provide little or no business value. Here are a few ways to ensure your Event strategy conforms to your overall go to market. Key #1: Analyze The Event AudienceLooking across hundreds of event plans that we’ve evaluated over the years one big misstep is investing in events that don’t have the right audience to support your business and marketing strategy. It’s… Read More

3 Keys for Effective PR Storytelling

Having great PR is paramount for a B2B brand to accelerate revenue. Throughout the years working with many PR firms and practitioners, I’ve discovered a consistent pattern. They are great storytellers. And when you dig deeper on what makes them great storytellers is that they push themselves / clients to improve their efforts in three key ways: Key #1 – Have a PerspectiveB2B brands need a point of view. B2B companies and their public facing leadership, need to be able to articulate this POV across a myriad of topics that impact customers, shareholders, partners, and employees. A point of view… Read More

3 Rules When Selecting your Event Sponsorships

Event sponsorships have long been a tool for B2B marketers to connect our sellers with buyers. As we return to in person events, selecting the right event sponsorship investments are evermore critical. Over the years, I’ve managed both small and large event sponsorship budgets from $50,000 per year all the way to several million dollars per year. But there are 3 cardinal rules that I use to evaluate event sponsorships and sponsorship ROI. Rule #1: Industry Impact As companies grow, the position of a company in its industry grows in importance. Choosing the right event can demonstrate your leadership in… Read More

3 Keys to Select an Exceptional PR Firm

Public relations is a key tool for B2B brands to go to market. And selecting the right PR firm is critical to your company’s success. Over the past decade, I’ve been involved in about 100 PR agency selection processes. Here are 3 areas I recommend to review when evaluating a public relations agency partner. Industry ExpertiseIt goes without saying, but industry knowledge is a must-have for a successful PR effort. As PR firms spread their wings and add social, content marketing, and other adjacent services this requirement is ever more important. My key, make sure there is a managing partner… Read More

3 Keys to Ensure Marketing Planning is Aligned with Company Goals

All too often, I see businesses whose go to market is not aligned with their overall goals and objectives. This is a function of marketing planning not taking into account business, revenue and margin goals of a company while being developed. Here are 3 keys to ensure your marketing planning efforts align to your company’s goals and objectives. Start Planning with Business ObjectivesTo begin your marketing planning effort, start by identifying the top 3 things that are important to the business. Is it revenue growth? New account acquisition? Once these are selected, put a quantitative goal in place for each… Read More

3 Marketer Types Your Marketing Team Must Have to Succeed

Over the years I’ve been inside hundreds of marketing teams – both large and small. But there are common traits to teams that have marketing excellence. It’s having great people. But more importantly it’s having great people in the right roles grouped together properly. One of the tools that we use at The B2B Marketing Company to help clients’ marketing teams excel is mapping team members to 3 key marketer archetypes. This is important since teams that fail to have all three archetypes have much lower success.  Type #1: The Doer This person has the personality and work ethic to get stuff done.… Read More

3 Ways Digital Transformation is Shaping Modern B2B Marketing

Over the last several years the majority of B2B marketers have seen their customers move online in terms of brand discovery, engagement and ultimately sales. This has become even more accelerated with the pandemic forcing businesses to move their entire customer journey’s online. Gone are the days of throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks as you would with mass-media marketing. Digital transformation has positively influenced how we go to market, engage our stakeholders, and analyze our success at every stage of a customer’s journey. Comprehensive Decision Making The goal of marketing in mass media was to spread… Read More

3 Ways AI is Affecting Content Marketing

Digital Marketers are swimming in so much information these days to make content marketing work and AI is serving as a life-jacket to streamline these efforts. Already 64% of B2B marketers consider AI valuable for their sales and marketing strategy.  Here are the 3 ways that AI is affecting content marketing:  Custom Feed Algorithms & Predictive Analytics With advancements in technology, AI now allows marketers to track and analyze what their users are interested in and which pieces of content will gain the most traction. With AI, marketers can review predictive analytics and generate relevant content based on the data that the AI… Read More