The most important email marketing metrics: 5 KPIs you should optimize for

As marketing evolves and new ideas replace the old and redundant ones, the one question that keeps coming back to us is: How important is email marketing today? If you’re well-versed with email marketing strategy, you might have noticed how even the smallest tweak can improve your brand reach. But email marketing can get tricky because it is not an active way to market your brand. It is not exactly upfront and you need to attract attention and action from the customers’ end to truly tell your… Read more from the source Supermetrics: The most important email marketing metrics: 5… Read More

11 Incredible Benefits of Hybrid Events

While the past year and a half has been extremely difficult for event organizers, the pandemic has also accelerated the shift towards digital transformation. That being said, it is not all about using digital tech to keep business-critical events going in some form. As the pandemic wanes, organizers are shifting their focus from short-term survival to long-term success. Hybrid events play a central role in that long-term strategy, and here’s why: What are Hybrid Events? Hybrid events are a co… Read more from the source 11 Incredible Benefits of Hybrid Events, Published by: Brecht Fourneau Read More

What’s Next for Conversational AI?

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Chatbots have been used for a few years now for lead-gen and content marketing use cases. Brands have deployed both rule-based and AI-powered chatbots to share relevant content, set up demos, walk customers through sign-up and automate customer service workflows — all in an effort to deliver consistent, seamless experiences across channels and geographies. But this barely scrapes the surface of what conversational chatbots can do. So what comes next for conversational AI (CAI)? Embedding Conv… Read more from the source What’s Next for Conversational AI?, Published by: Chitra Iyer Read More

Social Media in the Era of Precision Demand Marketing: A Conversation with LinkedIn

Reaching and engaging our buyers is more difficult than ever. In the era of Precision Demand Marketing we need to change the way we think about B2B marketing. Meeting buyers in the channels where they do research, with valuable information to help them make important buying decisions, is critical to driving results from your marketing efforts. According to Demand Gen Report, 57% of B2B buyers rely on social media as they navigate new solutions and vendors, making social a critical channel in … Read more from the source Integrate: Social Media in the Era of Precision Demand Marketing: A Conversation… Read More

Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation: Why B2B Marketers Shouldn’t Confuse Them

The terms demand generation and lead generation have often been—and often continue to be—used interchangeably by B2B marketing professionals. Yet they’re not the same thing. And, in fact, using these terms synonymously can create problems and challenges that hamper marketing, sales, and even customer success efforts that drive business growth. In this article, we’ll review the differences between demand gen and lead gen and why understanding the distinction is important. What is demand genera… Read more from the source Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation: Why B2B Marketers Shouldn’t Confuse Them, Published by: Jaymi Onorato Read More

How B2B Marketing Influencers Are Finding Success On New Social Channels

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New social channels and communities are key to growing your industry influence in b2b marketing. See how B2B marketing influencers are finding success using new social media channels Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and others. Read more from the source: B2B Marketing Blog – TopRank®, Published by: Debbie Friez On mar 23rd, 2021 b2b Marketing, Influencer Marketing Read More