3 Proven Strategies for Improving Community Marketing

‘Tis the season of having an endless to-do list and not enough time to complete it. And while you’re caught up between last-minute shopping and gift wrapping, you may not be thinking about how this could possibly relate to marketing.  Similar to how we see an increase in community engagement in our daily lives during the holiday season; from more interactions with your mail and package carriers, neighbors, family members, or reconnecting with longtime friends through yearly holiday cards, the community is everywhere during this time of year – and it’s also the perfect time to bring community into your… Read More

Why Building a Community is Critical to Your GTM

Community marketing. What is it? Why is it important? Why should you care? You may be asking yourself how this “new age” marketing tactic could possibly benefit your company. For starters, it really isn’t a complicated process, doesn’t take a huge budget for success, and it puts the most important people first: your customers. Here’s how with community marketing your marketing efforts can reap big rewards. Community Marketing is Impactful Community marketing may require a lot of heavy lifting up front, but the results are quite worth the effort. Building an audience takes time and a lot of testing and… Read More

3 Tips to Amplify Your Social Media Strategy

Success in social media marketing doesn’t have to be difficult – but it will take some heavy-lifting. Gone are the days of loaded content calendars consisting of multiple posts per day and endless scrolling on Twitter or Facebook. In fact, over the last decade, we have seen social media emerge into a strategic division of many marketing departments with added value that cannot be denied. Whether you’re just getting your social media efforts ramped up or are looking for ways to improve, here are 3 social media best practices to improve your strategy. Tip #1: Establish your brand’s identity Consistency… Read More

5 Best Practices for Community Marketing

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From a B2B perspective, community marketing makes a lot of sense since it focuses on the customer. Through effective community marketing, your brand can tap into more than the customer’s mere interest – that is, a community focused around your brand can help fulfill the social and emotional needs of your customer. By associating their identity with the community of your brand, your customers are far more likely to be loyal as well as extend their continued support. The same principle applies even when your customers are other businesses. Build a Community To build a community around your brand, you… Read More