3 Keys to Launching a New Brand in a Complex Market

In today’s marketplace launching a new brand is difficult. Last year, we launched several brands for clients: some were product brands and one was a new corporate brand. From these experiences, we identified three keys to launching a new brand in today’s complex marketplace successfully. Key #1: Consistency Once the brand is designed and guidelines written, it’s key to have executional consistency across all your marketing and communications activities. At first glance this seems obvious, but the devil is in the details. Keeping a brand consistent is not just making sure the logo is the same. But ensuring the tone… Read More

3 Keys to Strengthen Brand Equity

Your brand is an asset to your company and over time will deliver increased financial value. The more people place trust in the promise of your brand and what it stands for, the more your brand builds equity. Higher equity yields increase pricing elasticity, improved customer retention and increased sales. Here are 3 Keys to Strengthen Your Brand Equity: Key #1: Brand Consistency Who are you and what do you stand for as a company? Why should people choose you? What makes your company different? Establishing a solid brand identity through consistent messaging, artwork, brand voice, and so forth is… Read More

3 Tips to Align Brand Management to Communications

From experience, many marketers underutilize communications (read: public relations, employee communications and investor relations, etc.) as part of their brand marketing and management efforts. But they intersect at many marketing moments with your prospects and customers and should be planned and executed in concert. Here are 3 Tips to help drive that alignment. Tip #1: Identify the Market Together Strategically planning your market segments or personas as a shared effort between marketing and communications will help drive alignment. The business benefit is that all communications become accretive and work collaboratively to drive the return on your marketing and communications investments. Planning… Read More

3 Keys to Understanding Your Brand’s Health

Monitoring brand health is vital for growth and success regardless of the company. But, for B2B marketers understanding brand health presents a unique set of challenges. For example, every industry has its own sentiment. Each brand’s customers have a different user experience. Still, there are approaches that can help companies better assess how their brand is overall. Here are three keys to understand your brand’s health. Key #1: Monitor Brand Recall As marketers we get trained early that awareness is the foundation of brand success. If customers don’t know a brand exists, there is no way they will seek it… Read More