3 Keys to Excellent Customer Experience

Today’s B2B customers have very high expectations for an exceptional brand experience. In fact, an IDC report noted that 81% of CX marketers expect to compete based mainly on customer experience. Building an exceptional customer experience (CX) is critical to staying competitive and developing a solid community of loyal customers. Integrating content, functionality, and brand personality in a way that is consistent with what the customer expects is not an impossible task. Customers must be able to recognize and interact with your brand in any of your forms of contact. Whether it’s your website, social media, customer service channels, or… Read More

ROI vs. ROMI: What’s the Diff?

Businesses that are not tracking marketing revenue are playing a dangerous game, but looking at only one metric could also cause a company to miss critical feedback. Read through B2B blogs and newsletters, and you may see ROI and ROMI used interchangeably. Both are metrics designed to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, and often people refer to ROI when they’re really talking about ROMI. Let’s take a closer look at ROI, ROMI, and how to use both to measure your marketing campaigns.  What ROI can (and can’t) do for you  The beauty of using ROI–return on investment–calculations is… Read More

3 Keys to Understanding Your Brand’s Health

Monitoring brand health is vital for growth and success regardless of the company. But, for B2B marketers understanding brand health presents a unique set of challenges. For example, every industry has its own sentiment. Each brand’s customers have a different user experience. Still, there are approaches that can help companies better assess how their brand is overall. Here are three keys to understand your brand’s health. Key #1: Monitor Brand Recall As marketers we get trained early that awareness is the foundation of brand success. If customers don’t know a brand exists, there is no way they will seek it… Read More

Top 3 Things to Consider for Event Marketing in a Hybrid World

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the way events were held changed. Suddenly, there was no possibility of people gathering in large numbers and, if not cancelled, events became virtual. Now that we are on the other side of the pandemic, most events of the future will be hybrid – consisting of in-person and virtual elements that complement each other for both IRL and the virtual attendees. This new approach will greatly impact how attendance, logistics, and sponsorships are navigated. Hybrid events will certainly bring unique challenges with them. Event management tech now has to take virtual meetings into account. It is… Read More

5 Ways to Build Excellent B2B Advertising

An effective B2B advertising strategy differs greatly from any other types of advertising management. While executing a good B2B advertising strategy can be challenging, there are certain indicators that will show you, yours is on strategy. You’ve Planned It Out Planning a well-defined and accurate strategy is the first step towards successful B2B advertising. Typically, this involves audience mapping, media planning, message and creative planning by audience segment, and of course budgeting. A solid plan will have included a pro-forma ROAS analysis so there is an expected return on investment for the program. You must also decide the end-game of… Read More

5 Best Practices for Community Marketing

group of people standing inside room
From a B2B perspective, community marketing makes a lot of sense since it focuses on the customer. Through effective community marketing, your brand can tap into more than the customer’s mere interest – that is, a community focused around your brand can help fulfill the social and emotional needs of your customer. By associating their identity with the community of your brand, your customers are far more likely to be loyal as well as extend their continued support. The same principle applies even when your customers are other businesses. Build a Community To build a community around your brand, you… Read More