Emerging Trends in Marketing Technology

As marketing leaders, technology is a large part of what our teams manage and use day to day to execute our go to market. Over the course of the past couple of years there are certain trends that have been accelerated by en masse remote work. Here are 2 that will certainly impact the way we go to market in the upcoming year. The Bane of App Sprawl According to Productiv’s recent study on “the State of App Sprawl” marketing and product marketing app use is over 100 apps per firm. This means marketing teams are switching between multiple stacks,… Read More

Driving Successful Digital Transformation

For B2B marketers, the transformation to digital B2B experiences is a large undertaking. This is especially true for larger organizations where the stakes are high and institutional resistance is greater. Over the years I’ve helped scores of brands re-invent themselves as digital-first. During these efforts, I’ve discovered several lessons that B2B marketers must address as they embark on this journey. Lesson #1: It’s a Journey There is always the quarterly pressure to get things done and drive results. But digital transformation will not happen overnight. Setting expectations – especially with management – that it’s a journey, not a quick fix… Read More

3 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Using PR Approaches

There are other ways we marketers can “borrow” from our PR counterparts to improve our content marketing efforts. Here are three approaches / strategies I regularly borrow from my days in PR (Ruder/Finn NY circa mid-90s). Storyline Development Creating story arcs and editorial themes are essential to good storytelling. In PR, these concepts are core to a solid strategy. Too often, however, I see content marketers don’t spend enough time developing story arcs and editorial themes for their content marketing efforts. Many fail to connect the dots between content marketing efforts into well-thought-through editorial themes. Additionally, many content marketers don’t… Read More

3 Metrics to Align your PR and Marketing Measurement

Underneath the hood, there are several key metrics that marketers should use to measure success that is usually derived from public relations and communications reporting. And if your comms / PR team isn’t using these metrics – they must. Metric #1: Sentiment Coverage sentiment scores are a good way to understand the impact public relations and communications programs are having on your brand health. Sentiment, as measured by the positivity or negativity of coverage of your brand, can help provide a marketplace baseline for other brand favorability metrics. Sentiment will fluctuate regularly. This variability will enable your marketing analytics teams… Read More

3 Tips to Align Brand Management to Communications

From experience, many marketers underutilize communications (read: public relations, employee communications and investor relations, etc.) as part of their brand marketing and management efforts. But they intersect at many marketing moments with your prospects and customers and should be planned and executed in concert. Here are 3 Tips to help drive that alignment. Tip #1: Identify the Market Together Strategically planning your market segments or personas as a shared effort between marketing and communications will help drive alignment. The business benefit is that all communications become accretive and work collaboratively to drive the return on your marketing and communications investments. Planning… Read More

How to Win with B2B Creative Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy based on creating and distributing engaging, informative, and resonant content to attract and keep your target audience. Your content is your audience’s direct channel to get answers to their questions. Through content marketing, you can connect with them, build their trust, generate leads, and improve your overall conversion rate. But even great content is not immune to a virus. The COVID-19 pa… Read more from the source: customerthink.com, Published by: Please Enter Your Name Here Read More

3 Keys to Successfully Integrate Marketing and PR

Marketing Strategy
In an ideal world, B2B marketing and public relations strategy should work “hand and glove”. But the reality in many organizations, is that PR and Marketing are woefully mis-aligned. As we all start planning for CY 2022, here are 3 keys to ensure your communications (er, public relations) and marketing are integrated successfully. Key #1: Align Strategic Planning At many organizations, “PR” strategy and “Marketing” strategy development are done separately. One lead by the head of corporate communications and the other lead by head of marketing. And this is where the mis-alignment begins. Each team, then, goes off and eventually… Read More

3 Must Haves to Stand Up Scaled Demand Gen

Many B2B marketing teams start with demand generation as the first broad program to implement. This may be a function of all the marketing automation tool sellers pounding into our brain the value of inbound marketing. But this couldn’t be further from reality. There are 3 frameworks your team must develop prior to starting a scaled demand gen program. Framework #1: Message Planning by ICP Sub-Segment Initially when we start developing our marketing strategy, most of us develop messaging and ideal customer profiles. But for solid demand generation programs we must dig a little deeper and build messaging variations for… Read More

3 Considerations to Select Marketing Tech

Choosing the right marketing technology is one of the key elements in running successful marketing programs at scale. The right marketing technology gives each company an edge and allows them to properly target and distribute their content to prospects, consumers, investors and other stakeholders. At scale, a well-selected marketing tech stack can fuel your revenue exponentially and drive a well-orchestrated customer experience. With all those benefits, it can be tricky to find the marketing tech that will function perfectly for your organization. Every company structure and use cases are different, and as such the marketing software will have to be… Read More