Success in social media marketing doesn’t have to be difficult – but it will take some heavy-lifting. Gone are the days of loaded content calendars consisting of multiple posts per day and endless scrolling on Twitter or Facebook. In fact, over the last decade, we have seen social media emerge into a strategic division of many marketing departments with added value that cannot be denied.

Whether you’re just getting your social media efforts ramped up or are looking for ways to improve, here are 3 social media best practices to improve your strategy.

Tip #1: Establish your brand’s identity

Consistency is key when it comes to social media. Above anything else, an established brand identity is essential for social media success.

How do you want your messaging to look or sound? What do you care most about? What kind of audience are you aiming to reach? What do they care about? These are important questions to ask when developing identity through social media. And while it may seem like refining your brand’s voice is a never ending process, with clear goals in mind, it can happen more seamlessly.

Tip #2: Overcome the “boring” content label

B2B content isn’t known for being the most exciting – and that’s ok! If you’re targeting the right people, they will come to your page for information on those not-so-exciting topics. Creating social-friendly content, and adding the human element to your messaging, your feed will surely be a place your audience finds informative.

Additionally, by staying on top of trends, you can keep your social topical and more relevant. While there is always evergreen content – like this article – there are ways to promote it that aligns it to current trends and important topics of the day.

Tip#3: Develop an employee advocacy program

What your customers say about your brand is one thing, but what your employees say can make or break your social media presence. Buyers are quick to abandon companies that don’t treat their employees well or foster a healthy work environment.

Bring the human element back to social media marketing by equipping your employees with skills to amplify your brand’s voice and identity with their own personality. You’ll be surprised at how big of an impact it makes.

The time to capitalize on your social media strategy is now – and B2B brands can’t afford to shy away from it any longer. Hopefully the tips above can help you refine yours and build a presence that informs, sells, and lasts.