Over the past several months consumer package goods companies making cleaning products and hoteliers / restaurant owners have joined forces to create cleanliness brands for consumers. For example, Proctor & Gamble started CleanPlus, Reckitt Benser & Hilton created CleanStay. This will continue to be a trend as consumers clearly are using sanitization as part of their travel decision making.

From a b2b marketing perspective these initiatives are brilliant for 3 key reasons. 

Reason 1: Creates Incremental Revenue

As an industry focused brand marketing effort these programs typically drive incremental activation of purchases for that industry for both partners. In these cases, P&G and Reckitt industry marketing teams get to activate the hospitality and restaurant industries in a unique measurable way. And the hospitality and restaurant owners, get to say they are doing something positive and credible. Hopefully, both parties are measuring these programs in terms of incremental net new revenue gains by industry subcategories (or by consumer segment) to showcase business results.

Reason 2: Activates Sales – Marketing Alignment

For years tech companies have used developers, retailers (resellers), and partners to drive products to market. But internally one of the best aspects of these types of programs it forces sales and marketing to collaborate on a revenue generating initiative. This builds trust across a company, creates long term relationship between coworkers, and helps deliver on marketing and sales leadership’s commitment to working together.

Reason 3: Demonstrates Industry Leadership

While a consumer may or may not choose Hilton over Wyndham because of Reckitt’s CleanStay vs. Wyndham’s Ecolab program is still to be determined. But the industry relations benefit will be seen for years to come (for both brands). As a public relations platform it will help both organizations be seen as industry leaders in their respective industries. The willingness to partner with another firm in another industry to improve the consumer experience should be applauded. Both firms should see an incremental lift in NPS and brand intention metrics across their brand trackers.

If done right, B2B2C programs can improve internal, external and industry marketing in significant ways. Have you thought through ways your firm can partner to create a B2B2C program to drive business results for you?