Over the years I’ve been inside hundreds of marketing teams – both large and small. But there are common traits to teams that have marketing excellence. It’s having great people. But more importantly it’s having great people in the right roles grouped together properly.

One of the tools that we use at The B2B Marketing Company to help clients’ marketing teams excel is mapping team members to 3 key marketer archetypes. This is important since teams that fail to have all three archetypes have much lower success. 

Type #1: The Doer

This person has the personality and work ethic to get stuff done. This isn’t about the seniority of the marketer but the methods the individual uses to get the work completed. Their tenacity is focused on deliverables and moving projects along. They tend to be the list makers, the project planners, and the executors.

Type #2: The Creative

These are the idea makers. The non-traditional thinkers. The strategists. And this isn’t about design or creativity in the traditional sense, but about marketers who are able to ideate their way to a new approach that solves a business or marketing challenge. They tend to be the first to adopt new solutions, always educating themselves on best practices, and searching for the answer to move the brand forward.

Type #3: The Seller

Ideas in a vacuum don’t create value, either for your brand, your marketing team or company. The seller is key in ensuring organizational buy-in, team rallying and well articulated purpose (for a project or initiative). They tend to lead the charge to get an idea to fruition.

Every marketer is a blend of at least two of these archetypes. And you may be lucky enough to be one of those rare marketers that have all three in their blood. But the reality is when teams fail to have all 3 elements in the people on the team, the initiative or project usually fails. It takes a village to drive a game-changing initiative. No matter the size of the company.