Marketing and selling to the “buy-side” is complex. There is a duality in the way we sell ourselves to brands and their agencies. On one hand, we need to market at scale across the 10s of thousands of business decision makers. On the other, it is still very much about individual relationships. So, how do we create scalable and personable marketing and sales efforts in the complicated landscape?

Over the course of the last 20+ years working at and with brands and their agencies, I have learned 3 Tips that help media, marketing and ad tech companies be more successful in connecting with brands and their agencies, as follows:

  1. Revenue Diversity – by adding new products or re-packaging your existing products in new and inventive ways you can boost your revenue in with limited investment.
  2. Grow Deal Size – by elevating your brand’s position or the relationships your sales teams have in the marketplace, you can drive improved pricing or premiums for your offerings greatly increasing your revenue.
  3. Pipeline Improvement – optimizing your demand generation programs or targeting prospects in a more strategically will help drive incremental revenue from specific sectors, industries, or sub-markets.

These strategies can grow revenue from 10% – 50%, if done effectively.