Today’s B2B customers have very high expectations for an exceptional brand experience. In fact, an IDC report noted that 81% of CX marketers expect to compete based mainly on customer experience. Building an exceptional customer experience (CX) is critical to staying competitive and developing a solid community of loyal customers.

Integrating content, functionality, and brand personality in a way that is consistent with what the customer expects is not an impossible task. Customers must be able to recognize and interact with your brand in any of your forms of contact. Whether it’s your website, social media, customer service channels, or answering an email, the customer must perceive the same shared experience and emotion. An excellent CX will result in a much higher probability of attracting more users, converting them, and ultimately retaining their loyalty.

Let’s take a look at 3 Key ways to make your CX excellent.

Brand consistency

The most important thing to create a unified CX is that the personality of your brand is present and visible in each and every one of the platforms that the brand is on. From the visual part of the brand, such as colors, fonts, logo, and tone of voice, to the brand personality, such as the brand’s mission and vision, must be consistently presented in all touchpoints. The moment a customer contacts your company through social media, live chat, or even email, they should feel that they are being served in the same way in any medium they connect with your company. You must evoke the same feelings so that the customer’s trust is established and reinforced.

Research your customer

Knowing the customer is the best way to know what they expect and how to solve their problems. Research should be constantly carried out to help identify user experience feedback. This makes improvement easier as it is incremental not a complete overhaul. Additionally, improvement is more effective as we solve challenges before they become a bigger problem. The key to research is to gather all the feedback through surveys and reviews from prospects, users, and other stakeholders to understand how each audience perceives your customer experience themselves. Regular surveys are key to having the pulse of your customer and understanding the market perception at scale.

Personalize your Experience

Context is a critical part of creating an excellent customer experience. Customers want to be recognized, valued, and, therefore, served individually. To achieve this, the entire team must know the specific situation of the customer presenting the problem. With the right tools and shared processes, it will be easier to recognize each customer individually and develop unique customer experiences (journeys) for each. 

This becomes more and more important as the B2B customer is becoming used to these experiences as a consumer. Our B2B customer experience must be as great as those great DTC shopping experiences.