What is the modern buyer looking for? In my experience, many expect personalized, authentic relationships and engagement with the brands they are looking to support.

As a seller, it is your job to become the human side of your brand. Thus, attracting these modern buyers by building trust and increasing the impact of corporate content. So how can you accomplish this? Social selling.

Here are three practices to help you become a successful social seller to elevate your brand beyond your expectations.

Take time to build the foundation

You can’t market yourself as an expert until you’ve built a successful social media profile. Many sellers make the mistake of thinking they can just create a profile in one day and be ready to take on new buyers.

Before you even begin to reach out to buyers, think of each of your social profiles as a mini-website about you – take time to write a thoughtful bio, populate your page with relevant content, pin posts that are important to you, and connect with colleagues, friends, and potential prospects.

Do your research

Once your profile is set up and complete, identify which businesses are most important to you in terms of potential prospects. By taking five to ten minutes to research each, you’ll already be ahead of the game and will be able to communicate in a way that is unique to them.

LinkedIn is a treasure trove of information for sellers in the B2B world. Buyers express many signals intent in their posts, comments, etc. Use this insight in your selling process to align your business and your prospect’s needs.

Interact regularly

In order for you to be successful in social selling, regular interactions with prospects are a must. Whether you’re just liking content they post, commenting on your thoughts, or messaging with one of their employees, it is important to ensure these interactions are genuine and not forced. When starting conversations with your network, never make them seem like you are pushing a sale. It helps to offer value to your interactions in order to be seen as a trusted resource to your network.

Social selling success won’t happen overnight, but with a little patience and persistence, it is a quite effective tool.