What We Do.

We provide equity investors a strategic audit of a portfolio company’s go to market. We review sales and marketing to ensure it aligns to the boards vision in terms of objectives and execution. We review people, process, data, technology, budgets and scalability. Our 30-day independent audit process aides both management and the investor to ensure alignment between what’s being said in the board room and what’s being actually done. In our audit, we identify key areas of improvement to aide both constituencies in driving company top-line growth – both immediate and long term.

A small investment today, can save / earn you millions in the future.

Why the B2B Marketing Company?

We Know GTM.

Over the last decade, we delivered hundreds of engagements across a myriad of brands for whom we’ve delivered results. And by results, we mean sustainable revenue growth, improved NPS, and better team alignment. Some of our clients include:

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